When They Play Better, They Play More

Club Coaches know we turn newbies into "Starting 6 Players."
This is a membership gym, and daily skills camp that focuses only on what your player needs to succeed.

Only $10 for the first month of Membership!!

1st month $10 when you sign up for 3 months or more

Brand New To Volleyball? Looking to Improve Skills?
This is the perfect program for you!

Your first month of UNLIMITED classes for ONLY $10!

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How Your Athlete Wins:

  • Your kid practices skills needed for position they WANT.
  • Focused coaching in every class.
  • Trained, competitive volleyball coaches, not parent-coaches.
  • They learn at their pace, on your schedule.
  • Real courts and regulation nets!
  • From beginner level to mastery. 

This is the fast track to the Starting 6 for club teams and competition! Club coaches love players trained by Spark's Gym.

If your kid has never played, we make it easy and fun to try Volleyball. 

Here's How Parents Win:

  • When your kid plays better, they play MORE. 
  • Focused time and attention on your child's improvement. 
  • Time on the court to practice what matters to your kid. 
  • Safe, diverse, welcoming and low-pressure environment. 

These aren't Parent Coaches. Our trained Volleyball coaches run classes of no more than 8 kids at a time. They have time to focus on teaching your kid the skills he or she needs.

It's The Unlimited Volleyball Gym Membership!

Ready, Set, Play Volleyball!

Here’s What You Get:

  • 5 Sessions Per Week (Value: $415 per month)
    Members can come to one or all sessions. Each session is 90 minutes.
  • Expert Coaching (Value: $610 per month)
    Our trained club coaches work individually and with groups of no more than 8 on skill drills. No "parent coaches"
  • Indoor Nets & All Equipment (Value: $290 per month)
    Sparks Gym is one of the only dedicated, full time Volleyball gyms in Las Vegas.  Indoor Court-time is reserved for member sessions and we provide all equipment.
  • Access to Training Materials & Guides (Value $120)
    Our expert advice is available in guides and videos to our members. These include drills and exercises that players can use anytime outside the gym for continuous development.



Over $1,000 savings if purchased separately!

$295 per month after the first month with a minimum of 3 months participation

$10 FIRST MONTH - Sign up today!!

When They Play Better, They Play MORE!

Our Members Love Our Programs!

Okay, so I've got to give a huge shoutout to this club for how my serve has improved. When I first joined, let's just say my serve was more 'hope and a prayer' than an actual skill. But with the coaches here? It's a whole different game now. I've gone from barely getting the ball over the net to serving aces! The drills, the tips, the practice games - they all just clicked. And it's not just me; you can literally see everyone's serve getting sharper. This place is like the secret sauce for leveling up your game!


Honestly, this club is awesome. The coaches really get it and everyone's super welcoming. I came in a bit clueless about volleyball, but now I'm hitting and serving like I've been playing for years. Plus, the friends I've made here? They're like my second family now.


I was super nervous at first, but this club is all about fun and learning. The sessions are chill but informative, and I've really upped my game. It's a great mix of laughs and serious play. Best decision I made this year, joining up!


This isn't just a volleyball club, it's like our own little community. Everyone cheers each other on, and the energy is just amazing. The coaches are cool and really supportive. It’s more like hanging out with friends than a workout, but I’m definitely playing better than ever.


I've been with a few clubs, but this one? It's different. The training's top-notch, but it's also just a blast. You really get into the game without even realizing it. Improved my skills big time, and the people here are just the best. It's my go-to place after a long day.


This is PLAYER-FOCUSED, skill-building. 
Player-centered coaching for the position you want to play.

Coaches love highly skilled, ready to win players!
Coachable, skilled players are the fast track to building teams that win games.

When the skills are a fit, the player starts!
Coaches can easily fit your skilled and ready player into a starting spot on the team.

Each Class Focuses On:

  • New skills they want and need
  • Development of new talents
  • Excellent timing
  • Game / Court awareness
  • Court strategy
  • Court communication
  • Position based skills
  • Accurate serving


Select a time to come in and see for yourself.


You Save $285  on the first month's membership - when you enroll for 3 months or more.

$10 for the first month, $295 per month thereafter

Sparks Volleyball Gym Presents


For 90 minutes, 5 days a week your player gets expert coaching, dedicated practice courts, pickup games, friends and fun. Club-free, commitment free.
Play and learn without drama and hassles.

This Is The Best Way To Boost Individual Skills On The Volleyball Court.

Class size is capped to maximize player development time. This means more time for coaches to dedicate to players working on specific drills and skill development.


Can you explain the “Ready. Set. Play Volleyball!” Unlimited Membership Academy?

“Ready. Set. Play Volleyball!” is a year-round program; it is an academy-like membership perfect for 8-14 year old boys and girls that have a drive for learning more about volleyball and the desire to build their individual skills.
Our curriculum focuses on teaching and developing individual fundamental volleyball skills. The lessons, drills and progression of the program is curated by our coaching staff that have 50+ years of experience coaching high school varsity, collegiate and professional team levels. The program is designed to develop athletes in only 1 year.

After consistent participation in the program for 1 year the athlete will be prepared physically, mentally and technically to confidently try out for a club volleyball team, and not only be selected for the age-appropriate club volleyball team, but play at the travel team level for the best competitions in the surrounding states and nationally.

How many days a week? Is there any minimums or maximums of how many days a week they can participate in classes?

We currently have 2 classes a night, 5 nights a week. The membership provides you access to attend an unlimited amount of classes. There is no maximum limit; you can attend every class offered on the schedule. There is no minimum requirement; if you can attend only one class in a week, that’s fine. We highly encourage participating in as many classes as possible.

What skill level is the program designed for?

This program is designed for brand new beginners to low experienced volleyball players. It is designed to be the starting point for a boy or girl that has never played volleyball before. The low-experienced player has some experience in recreational (NYS) volleyball or has had an introduction to the sport at school, with a basic understanding and a little hands on play in PE class or on the school team (elementary or middle school).

Intermediate players would benefit from the focus on good fundamental skills and the repetition of the skills needed to improve their individual performance. Ultimately, the more times a player touches a volleyball with good technique the better they become.

How does my athlete get all crucial information if she’s only coming on a consistent schedule i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays?

The classes are designed to cover individual skills and proper technique for volleyball fundamentals such as serving, passing, proper footwork, hitting and blocking. The lessons and drills are planned into each class on a rotating basis, so that an athlete is sure to get the training they need to develop all skills on their schedule.

What days a week and what times are the classes?

Monday:              7:00 – 8:30
Tuesday:              5:30 – 7:00
Wednesday:        7:00 – 8:30
Thursday:            5:30 – 7:00
Friday:                 7:00 – 8:30

What experience do the coaches have?

The classes are directed by trained and experienced professional coaches. These are not volunteer coaches or parents of athletes in the program, who are learning as they go. Our youngest coaches have a minimum of 6 years playing highly competitive club volleyball and varsity high school level volleyball. Our most experienced coaches have over 30 years of playing and coaching experience at every level from beginner to professional teams.

How big are the classes? What is the Coach to player ratio?

The maximum number of athletes per class is 8, providing a ratio of 1 coach to 8 players.

What should I wear?

Players need to wear athletic type clothes that allow for full range of motion for the whole body. Typically a volleyball player wears:

  • a cotton or athletic material t-shirt, tank top or thin long sleeve shirt
  • Shorts (often form fitting of various lengths) or leggings
  • Volleyball specific knee pads
  • Athletic socks or various lengths
  • Volleyball or basketball court shoes (sneakers, tennis shoes or running-type shoes that tie on securely to the foot are perfectly acceptable for beginners)
  • Long hair must be tied back and clear from the face

Not allowed or not advised:

  • Slip-on shoes or sandals of any type; Flip-flops, Birkenstocks, Crocks, UGGs, etc.
  • Hard soled shoes
  • Bulky clothes such as sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Long pants that drag on the floor or cover the foot

When will I be billed?

Payments will be automatically drafted from the account that you set up in your profile on the first of every month.

How does the pricing structure work?

The price is $295 per month for the unlimited class membership


If you want to try before you join, we welcome you to attend a FREE session!