Ready. Set. Play Volleyball!

Check out our 'Ready. Set. Play Volleyball!' program—it's awesome for boosting your young athlete's volleyball game! With this monthly membership, they will progress through 5 class levels packed with all the core volleyball skills they need to play at a higher level.

                • There are co-ed classes every weeknight
                • It's open for both boys and girls - ages 8-14 years old
                • Unlimited 90-minute volleyball sessions
                • Save $900+ compared to buying sessions one by one!

Trust us, this program will take your child from a beginner to a competitive volleyball player. Plus, you get to decide how fast they will progress. It's all about your schedule and your pace!


Why Choose Sparks VBC

Ready, Set, Play Volleyball!


Our volleyball club has an exclusive gym facility just for our members. That means no expensive rental fees and total convenience for you and your family.

Low Commitment,
High Learning

Our program keeps it flexible – you pick how many 1.5-hour sessions you want each week. It's a great way for kids to learn and do well while fitting into your busy schedule perfectly.

Class Sizes

We make sure the classes stay small, with a maximum of eight kids in each. This personalized setup ensures your child gets special attention and coaching, creating a supportive place to learn.

Experienced and
Trained Coaches

At our club, your child will be guided by experienced and well-trained coaches. Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing young talent, improving player's skills, and instilling a love for the sport.

Inclusive and
Diverse Community

We are a family-oriented club that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.  Our community thrives on respect, acceptance, and support for every child, no matter where they're from or their skill level.


Our program offers opportunities for kids to advance to the next level through testing each month. We're not just about learning; we're about progress and achievement.

Special Introductory Offer $300 savings for a limited time!

This special offer is only valid if you sign up before classes start on February 1, 2024. Secure your spot, secure your savings and get your comfy PJ pants with a 10% deposit today! That’s only $19.50 today. The remaining payments will be auto-pay on the first of each month beginning February, 2024.

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Membership pricing without the offer

Unlimited Membership pricing is $295 per month for unlimited sessions each month

Limited Time Offer

Limited-time Introductory Special Offer: $195 per month for a total of 3 months. (Offer valid until February 1, 2024)

Plus + Bonus PJ Pants

Receive comfy PJ Pants with Your Membership if you sign up by February 1, 2024!

Start with your FREE trial offer

Ready. Set. Play Volleyball

Try before you join!

We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your child’s passion and skill level. That's why we encourage you to experience our program firsthand.

What You Get:

  1. Free Trial Session: Join us for a trial session, where you can participate in our training and get a feel for our coaching style, team dynamics, and facilities.
  2. Meet Our Coaches and Players: Engage with our experienced coaches and interact with our dedicated players to understand the club's culture and camaraderie.
  3. Evaluation and Feedback: Receive personalized feedback and evaluation from our coaching staff to determine the best level for your young athlete to start in the program.

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Fill out a simple form to register for the trial sessions.
  2. Select Your Sessions: Choose the date and time that is convenient for you from our available class schedule.
  3. Experience Sparks Volleyball: Attend the trial session, participate in drills and scrimmages, and immerse yourself in the "Ready.  Set.  Play Volleyball!" experience.
  4. Decision Time: After your trial session, decide whether Sparks Volleyball is the right fit for you. We're here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through our membership options.

Ready to start your Sparks Volleyball journey? Sign up now to "Try Before You Join" and take the first step toward becoming part of our volleyball family.

Try before you join!

About Sparks VBC

At Sparks VBC, we provide the environment for young athletes to excel, offering the maximum opportunity for training to get to the highest level of competition. Gone are the days of hoping for the 'good coach' or constantly switching teams. With Sparks Volleyball Club, you've found a home where the values of dedication, teamwork, and leadership development shine through. We believe that champion athletes are not just born; they are carefully crafted through dedicated training, quality coaching, and a deep love for the sport. Our mission is to mold raw talent into seasoned athletes who lead both on and off the court. Join us today for top-notch coaching and an exclusive facility, plus a limited-time offer to kickstart your child's volleyball journey.

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Our Members Love Our Programs!

Okay, so I've got to give a huge shoutout to this club for how my serve has improved. When I first joined, let's just say my serve was more 'hope and a prayer' than an actual skill. But with the coaches here? It's a whole different game now. I've gone from barely getting the ball over the net to serving aces! The drills, the tips, the practice games - they all just clicked. And it's not just me; you can literally see everyone's serve getting sharper. This place is like the secret sauce for leveling up your game!


Honestly, this club is awesome. The coaches really get it and everyone's super welcoming. I came in a bit clueless about volleyball, but now I'm hitting and serving like I've been playing for years. Plus, the friends I've made here? They're like my second family now.


I was super nervous at first, but this club is all about fun and learning. The sessions are chill but informative, and I've really upped my game. It's a great mix of laughs and serious play. Best decision I made this year, joining up!


This isn't just a volleyball club, it's like our own little community. Everyone cheers each other on, and the energy is just amazing. The coaches are cool and really supportive. It’s more like hanging out with friends than a workout, but I’m definitely playing better than ever.


I've been with a few clubs, but this one? It's different. The training's top-notch, but it's also just a blast. You really get into the game without even realizing it. Improved my skills big time, and the people here are just the best. It's my go-to place after a long day.


90% Of Athletes That Complete Our Program Move On To A Highly Competitive Club Team.

The unique monthly membership allows your athlete to advance at their own pace. Start Today - 1 session per week up to 5 sessions per week.

By signing up for the Free Trial offer, you become ineligible for the Holiday Special offer.

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