Last updated: April 2, 2020

1. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish rules and set procedures for the Sparks Volleyball Club

2. General: Any Sparks member, who has paid registration, and/or traveling team fees, may request a refund of those fees consistent with this Policy. All refund requests must be in writing and submitted to the Sparks Volleyball Club Director. There will be NO REFUND of any fees after the first practice has been conducted, except in the case of injury or other unforeseeable hardship, as discussed below. Playing time on the court is not a guaranteed when playing for Sparks Volleyball Club. Playing time must be earned. Lack of playing time shall not constitute an unforeseeable hardship.

3. Refund of Registration Fees: Refunds of registration fees will be subject to an administrative fee, established annually by Sparks Volleyball Club. Registration fees shall be refunded when such requests are made prior to the first practice of the season. Refunds shall be for the full amount paid, minus the administrative fee.

4. Refund Due to Injury: Refunds due to injury prior to the first practice of the season shall be for the full amount when all Sparks provided uniforms and equipment have been returned to Sparks Volleyball Club. Refunds due to injury after the start of the season shall be determined on an individual case basis by the Sparks Volleyball Club Director and Staff.

5. Tryout Fees Not Refunded: Because tryout evaluations are conducted by paid coaches, Sparks Volleyball Club will not refund tryout fees.

6. Traveling Team Fees: Sparks Volleyball Club traveling team fees are based on additional costs associated with playing in traveling tournaments, affiliated league fees (including required insurance and national association memberships) and additional uniform and equipment costs. Therefore, refunds for traveling team fees will be permitted only in certain circumstances which typically are beyond the member’s control. Requests for refunds of traveling team fees must be made in writing to the Club Director for which the player is registered. The Club Director and Staff will determine if a refund is warranted within the following guidelines:

a) In general, because of the up-front costs involved, no refunds will be permitted for an arbitrary withdrawal from a Sparks Volleyball Club traveling team.

b) Refunds due to injury prior to the start of the season shall be for the full amount paid, less any tryout fees charged and less an administrative fee, provided all Sparks uniforms and equipment have been returned and proof of the player’s inability to play have been demonstrated to the Club Director. Where proof of the player’s inability to compete is not shown, refunds shall be determined by the Club Director and Staff.

c) In cases where the player’s family moves out of the Sparks Volleyball Club region (30 miles or more from usual practice location) or some other unforeseeable hardship arises, a refund shall be granted in the same manner as if the player had been injured.

d) In cases where Sparks Volleyball Club does not field a traveling team at the level for which the player has registered, a full refund will be granted.

e) The Club Director and Staff determine the time at which the traveling team fee is collected based on previous experience. In the event the traveling team fee is collected at registration and the player is not chosen for a Sparks Volleyball Club traveling team, the traveling team fee portion of the total fee will be refunded if the player joins another Sparks club team. If a player not chosen for a Sparks traveling team decides to leave the Sparks program, a full refund, less any tryout fee and administrative fee will be made.

7. Appeal of Refund Amount: Sparks members may request review and revision of refund amounts. Appeals must be presented in person to the Club Director prior to or during the season of play for which the refund is being considered. Upon consideration of such appeal, refund amounts shall be final. No appeals shall be considered where the initial refund check has been endorsed and deposited by the member and payment has been recorded to the appropriate Sparks checking account.

8. Acceptance of Refund: Where initial refund checks have been endorsed and deposited by the member and payment has been recorded to the appropriate Sparks checking account, such refunds are considered accepted and final, and may not be appealed. Where initial refund checks have been held by the member beyond 60 days past their date of issue, such refunds are considered accepted and final, and may not be appealed.


Sparks Volleyball Club philosophy is to “Learn life lesson through the sport of volleyball.” We provide opportunities for athletes to learn the game of volleyball as well as what it means to be a team player and learn to strive for excellence through sport.

Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates an environment where athletes, parents and/or coaches may not be in agreement with all decisions made. Knowing when and how to communicate with the coach or Club Director is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season. Most often the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.

At Sparks Volleyball Club, the grievance process that athletes and parents must follow is based on many years of experience in this area.

Athletes are first encouraged to communicate with their coaches. Athletes are expected to discuss issues concerning playing time or any other volleyball related subject with their coaches first before escalation is needed. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Club Director only after exhausting all the recourses to resolve the problem.

Coaches are instructed not to discuss coaching decisions with parents. These coaching decisions include but are not limited to playing time, substitution patterns, team line-up decisions, etc. Coaches are not required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions at any time during the season.

Coaches are instructed not to engage in controversial discussions during tournaments or practice. If a coach is approached during a tournament, he/she has been instructed to: refuse to discuss any controversial matter; to refer the parent to the Club Director and to walk away from the situation.

Parents and Athletes are asked to adhere to the following grievance process:

1. The Athlete meets with the coach to discuss the matter. If the matter is not resolved or the athlete has a reasonable concern about speaking to the coach, then...

2. The parent meets with the Club Director. In certain situations, the Club Director may ask either the coach or athlete (or both) to attend the meeting.

3. All decisions and recommendations by Sparks Volleyball Club and the Club Director are final and not subject to appeal.

The recommended time for a parent and/or athlete to meet with a coach is 24 hours after a tournament and is best immediately after a scheduled practice. (Please schedule in advance) It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other Sparks Volleyball Club members about a problem the athlete or a parent is having with a coach, about objections to coaching, or administrative decisions. For the psychological health of the teams and the Club as a whole, grievances must be handled via the Grievance process outline above.

Sparks Volleyball Club strongly promotes fairness and believes in open communication. All issues and concerns are immediately addressed with the athlete's well-being in mind.

Sparks Volleyball Tolerance Policy

We expect each athlete, coach and parent to follow the Code of Conduct set up by the USA Volleyball program. The Code of conduct was signed electronically when signing up to be a USAV member. Our coaches have gone through IMPACT training at the bare minimum and are expected to follow those guidelines as well as the Club’s guidelines.

Sparks Volleyball Club does not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, another parent, a coach, another athlete, or another team's representative (including coach, athlete or parent). Violation of this policy may result in the athlete being dismissed from Sparks Volleyball Club without refund.

Automatic Expulsion

Sparks Volleyball Club may dismiss an athlete or parent, with no refund, if any of the following occurs:

• Smoking at any of the practice locations

• Using alcohol or drugs at any time during an official function (i.e., practice, tournament, meeting, etc.)

• Leaving lodging premises, practices or tournament sites without notifying coach and without a chaperone or arranged buddy system

• Having boys in the room (other than relative) or inappropriate public display of affection

• Approaching a coach, athlete or any other club member in an inappropriate manner at any official function

• Having too many absences (subject to Club Director Review)

• Failing to pay the club fees on time

• Damaging equipment owned by Sparks Volleyball Club or any facility used by the Club during practices, tournament, other functions, or a lodging facilities and not reimbursing the Club in a timely manner (usually within one (1) week)

-Participating in illegal activities while on the club.

Inappropriate Behavior:

Please report any inappropriate behavior from coaches, parents or spectators especially when our members may seem to be at risk of injury or harm. Matters will be taken seriously and as the “Safe Sport” guidelines are being set, Sparks Volleyball Club will also be adhering to set guidelines.